Pamijahan beach, that morning me and my friends one dormitory went to the Pamijahan beach, we set off early in the morning because the location is very far from our dormitory.

        When on the go it rained so heavily, so we’re not at looking views while on the bus, just the sound of the music and that sounds make most people prefer sleeping on the trip. Continue reading



        Someday I and my friends go to malioboro to interview foreign, and I meet Mr. Lammart in malioboro, he was talking with tricycle’s driver when we approached him. He is from Netherlands and spending his holiday alone in Jogjakarta, and he said “Jogjakarta is really hot but I like it, because if I return in my country, it’ll become cold”. Mr. Lammart unlike culinary in Jogjakarta, his favorite food in Indonesian is Sumatra’s food, his come to Jogjakarta doesn’t know about culture, his just spend his day with walking around Jogjakarta and his still single person, Widya give question about social issue but Mr. lammart  don’t really attend about that. Continue reading

Tentang Trans Studio Bandung

TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG adalah Indoor Theme Park terbesar ke dua di Indonesia setelah Makassar. Trans Studio Bandung lebih spektakuler dan lebih dahsyat dari Trans Studio yang ada di Makassar sehingga menjadikan Trans Studio Bandung tidak hanya terbesar di Indonesia tapi juga terbesar di dunia. 
TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG menyajikan 20 wahana permainan dan bermacam bentuk hiburan yang terdapat dalam 3 kawasan dengan tema yang berbeda dan unik. Para pengunjung dapat merasakan bagaimana menjadi seorang bintang di depan kamera serta menjadi orang – orang di belakang layar dari tayangan – tayangan favorit TRANS TV dan TRANS 7,seperti Dunia Lain, Jelajah. Si Bolang, dan masih banyak wahana menarik lainnya. Continue reading